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Walmart + Influencer MK. Helping those who need it most. Humarketing

Brands can reach us in a more effective way with solidarity campaigns through Influencers. There, engagement works, because they sell values.

In a social initiative, an Influencer Marketing strategy can be remarkably effective. That is why Walmart relied on an Influencer campaign to help Feeding America raise the not inconsiderable figure of 1.65M $.

The American chain donated 90 cents to the organization every time content was shared or a post was commented on with the hastag #FightHunger.

The Influencers who participated had a cumulative audience of over 29.5M followers. They managed to pay out over 19M meals. Feeding America won, the influencers won, Walmart won and most importantly the needy and recipients of the action also won. SUPERWIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN....

Logan Paul posted.

Now, these strategies are usually one-off, perhaps because the brand-level performance can't be stretched over a few days... but what if the solidarity campaigns by brands could be sustained over time thanks to e-Commerce, influencer Mk and technology?

Now we can do it, measure it and benefit all of us thanks to the power of technology, and in this case, of Vendfy™ technology to track sales or interactions generated by influencers in e-Commerce where they derive their sales.

The new trend of humarketing that is so much on everyone's lips lately, can have in this way of creating campaigns a very important leg of their strategies. Actions, measurable and committed. Brands doing things for people or organizations that have values. It is a dream in the world of branding. Measurable, with results that can be compared and decisions can be made.

Now imagine that this Walmart campaign instead of a top 10 (I think there were 7) Influencers, they would have shared it with all the Influencers who wanted to collaborate in the campaign. 

Maybe instead of 29.5M audience they could have had more than 100M or 150M. And if for every item that is purchased thanks to the Influencers, every day, Walmart donated 1 cent... can you imagine how much money they would be able to donate? I know it is getting into the strategy of a company that has not asked us but if that penny is already loaded in the margin under the umbrella of the online social penny of the influencers..., between all of us we are carrying out something solidary not in a punctual way but more stable in time.

And that's where we are, it's one of our dreams. Create solidarity campaigns of different themes that help people or entities in need, make a brand for the promoters and create commitment on the part of the influencers and all in pursuit of making things a little better. Our bit.

It is clear that any brand that is standing out in the e-Commerce world such as PRIMOR, PC Componentes or MANGO with their audiences and their RRSS campaigns can do a triple WIN which is: sell, brand and help those in need. It is only a matter of will and we know that solidarity sells.

We sincerely think that margins, costs, clients and campaigns are not at odds at all with solidarity. In fact, instead of behaving like an aspirin in your CSR programs, you can become a permanent super vitamin and thus achieve enviable health in terms of awareness and solidarity.