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Vendfy™ SmartLinks vs. UTMs : everything you need to know.

Today we are going to talk about the difference between Vendfy™ SmartLinks and Google Analytics UTMs.

To start with we are going to briefly explain what UTMs are and what they are for.

Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) is an analytics tool that Google bought to  be able to create Google Analytics. UTMs are mainly used to identify the sources of traffic that your website receives, which otherwise would be difficult to measure.

To understand each other, the UTMs are extensions of a URL (for example: https://www.vendfy.com?utm_source=pricing&utm_medium=email) with several parameters that define where the traffic comes from, from which media, campaign or content so that we can see it in Analytics in a humanly understandable way. If you want more information on how to create UTMs click here.

Now let's talk about Vendfy™ SmartLinks. If you are a regular user of the platform you will already know this, but in case you are not familiar with our service, I'll tell you a little bit about it. Every time you create a campaign in Vendfy™ and add Influencers, a unique SmartLink is created for each profile. This link already has all the necessary information so that later, from the platform, you can see exactly which influencer sells, how much they bill and in which campaign.


Here below I will list the main differences. 

Both in the links themselves and also the usability for tracking Influencer campaigns.

In the case of SmartLinks they insert a cookie to the user, UTMs do not. That means that UTMs only measure activity on first impact, but if the user does not buy and comes back in a week to buy via direct link for example, the sale would not be attributed. In Vendfy™ the attribution window is 30 days from the first click, a cookie is inserted and attribution becomes much more reliable.

Creating a UTM is relatively easy, but monitoring its performance within Analytics (if you're not very pro) can get complicated. SmartLinks are easier to create, you can generate as many as you want at the same time, automatically one for each profile, and even my grandmother can see their performance in the dashboards. Imagine that you have a campaign with 50 Influencers and you use UTMs.... You will have to manually create 50 UTMs, on the other hand, in Vendfy™ just by creating a campaign and adding 50 Influencers, the SmartLinks are created by themselves.

The UTMs are long and ugly. SmartLinks are short and will soon be "branderized".

You can combine Smartlinks with UTMs but not the other way around. At Vendfy™ we know that you will continue to use Analytics and that is why you can create UTMs and then on top of them create a SmartLink, so you can differentiate in your Analytics the organic traffic from the traffic generated by Influencers.

You can pack the SmartLinks in campaigns, so you can have the same Influencer in 3 different campaigns and have everything well organized. With UTMs... you know how the sentence ends.

Each SmartLink gives access (optional by the brand) to each Influencer to a personalized dashboard where you can see their performance in each campaign where they are involved in order to optimize their content and improve their results. As I understand that you are not going to give each Influencer access to your Analytics, UTMs are not useful for this.

UTMs are free, SmartLinks are not.

Well, I'm going to stop bashing UTMs because it seems that they are not useful, but they are useful for certain things. To monitor Influencers, they can be useful to get you out of trouble if you pay a millionaire to an Influencer and your boss asks you for metrics. But if you want to scale your Influencer marketing and turn it into your new sales channel, Vendfy™ is the perfect solution for your business.