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TwoJeys Villa. Almost a "Big Brother reality TV" with 30M in audience.

A dream summer in the Costa Brava that becomes a campaign to be framed.

This blog entry is not going to review the Engagement or Earned Media Value data of what the "trope" of Margarit and Biel's colleagues dragged to the Villa they branded this summer. The audience data is impressive, in fact surely if we go over the calculations, we have left followers of networks that we have not monitored.

It's a dream for brands and another open door for copy/paste. The most relevant of all this is not to get all the Influencers who visited or stayed in the Village, but to do it at the cost of "per diems".

In line with what we have been pointing out in our other entries, as a business case is another masterpiece that breaks all the rules established by the old and corseted advertising. This is the new era, the trends created by these new brands are the way forward.

The strategy put forward by brand founders Joan Margarit and Biel Juste has been the sensation of the summer. No one in the age and style range that the brand is looking for has been left without knowing about the Villa TwoJeys.

A spectacular Villa with a Mediterranean design, typical of destinations such as Menorca or Mikonos. Decoration with exquisite taste. Jewels displayed around the room available to the Influencers. Challenges, jokes, laughs, parties, revelry ... and all of this posted, recorded and broadcast by all kinds of networks. Well, maybe not all of it.

With an audience of this caliber, actions and TOP level characters, what remains to be said is... Has it paid off for the brand? We already started with BRANDING or SALES. Well, yes.

We can't really put ourselves in the shoes of any of them, let alone the two founders, but what is clear to us is that we would love to know the performance of the campaign as a whole. But real performance. How much has been spent in total and how much has been sold is the quick old bill. And what's left over goes to BRANDING.

This is the 21st century. We have cell phones that may have more power and features than the Apollo spacecraft that went to the moon. We can measure objects just by focusing on them with our camera and yet, PAM! nobody knows who of all the Influencers is the top seller of the fashion jewelry brand. It is not even known which of the two founders is the one who drives the most followers. This is not about followers, although it is obvious that everything helps. This is about conversion, not even Engagement. A Like or a Comment does not swell the company's account to pay invoices, production, logistics, shipments or the brand's committed recycled and cotton packaging. What pays the bills are the sales achieved during the campaign period and whatever comes after (long tail). The rankings were created to show highlights: Audience, important. Engagement, interesting. Conversion, key.

It is clear that from now on, this data is of vital relevance to be able to make decisions and decide campaign by campaign with whom it is more interesting to collaborate. Perhaps Biel and Joan care less because all those they invited are friends or friends of friends, plus it's all part of the show they had programmed.

But brands that don't have the possibility of attracting more than 30M audience to their channels and stores can't risk failing. Data is key. The sale is the data. The visit is important because it can tell us many things, but the sale tells us everything.

That's where we can start analyzing KPIs. Sales, visits, comments, likes, content... but always based on the ROIS (Return of Influencer Spend) of the influencer.

Before I finish listing the participants of the TwoJeys Villa, I also wanted to mention the launch campaign of Neon Coco by Alex Moreno, who did something similar in a villa in Los Angeles. Undoubtedly another case to analyze and, perhaps, more interesting from a performance point of view considering the amount of money they spent.

Some of the tenants of the Villa:

- Joan Margariit - 127K

- Biel Juste - 225K

- Jessica Goicochea - 1.3M

- Xbuyer (youtube 5millions) 

- Brother Xbuyer (1 million instagram)

- Alex Huertas (cofounder Northweek) - 1,4K

- Joan Pala- 226K

- Gigi vives - 

- Nil Ojeda (3/4 million youtube)

- Manu Rios (5 million insta, 3 million youtube)

- Marc forne - 414K

- Sergio Carvajal - 1M

- Alex Domenec - Dulceida's brother - 393K

- Dulceida - 2,8M

- Albapaulfe - 1M

- Danielillescas - 1M

- Bycalitos - 250K

- Albamiro - 126K

- Ariadnatb - 207K

- Martalozanop - 866K

- Lucloren - 264K

- Teresaandresgonzalvo - 580K

- Gotzonmantuliz - 766K

- Albertmullor - 112K

- Alex Boisset - 115K IG / 105K YT

- Mikel Boisset - 135K IG / 

- Martimiras - 474K

- Alexchiner - 297K

- Jorgegoorgo - 950K

- Ninauc - 801K

- Ricki Puig

- Abel Rincon - 21K IG / 43K YT