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Steve Jobs talks about Influencer Marketing in 2040

Thanks to AI and a Microsoft bot we talked to Steve and JFK Jr about Influencer Marketing in 2040.

Today we are going to emulate the great John F. Kennedy Jr, who for those who don't know him, was the son of the famous assassinated American president JFK. Well John-John, as he was known was a TOP INFLUENCER of his time and, apart from dating the most impressive women of his time, we are talking about Brooke Shields, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, among others. 

At the same time he founded one of the icons of influence and fashionism of his time: George's Magazine, a magazine that was born in 1995 and became the channel where to find the Trending Topics of the time. Actors like George Clooney, models like Cindy Crowford or "geniuses" like Bill Gates were personally interviewed by the son of the assassinated ex-president.

JJK Jr was a full-fledged influencer. Probably if at that time there had been RRSS, I bet my finger from swiping Instagram screens that he would have accumulated the most followers, likes and engagement. In fact for a few years he was declared the most attractive man in America. He was the "American Prince." He pursued 2 careers but eventually left law for journalism. He was attracted to adventure sports and his presence at parties was the guarantee that everything was going to be in all the media.

And you may ask ... What does this have to do with the MK of influence? Don't worry, little by little. 

This Blog entry wants to make a journey analyzing the past and the future of this discipline. We all know the present perfectly well and today it is also about knowing a bit of history and with a little imagination predict the Influence MK 20 years from now. 

Recently an issue of George's magazine from February 1997 fell into our hands (digital format). This magazine is an icon and has even reached over 4000€ on Amazon (click to see it). Why is it so important? It talked about the future of humanity and Bill Gates was interviewed as the guru of it all. After reading it (download it here) it occurred to us that we could fantasize about making a few predictions of how another guru would see Influence MK 20 years from now. And as candidates we thought of the late Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg. There were coin tosses, internal Telegram polls, opinions to our partners, pillow consultations and the winner was Steve. Easier, less complicated.

So let's have a fictional interview about our industry with the inventor of the device that has led us all to be sitting behind a computer, tablet or mobile earning our living with the Influence MK. Yes, yes, Zuckerberg too, with social media, but if we stick to history, the first to change everything was Jobs.

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So, Mr. Jobs of 2020, 2 questions, the first question is: 

Vendfy™ – En un año complicado por la crisis económica y la crisis provocada por la COVID19, ¿cómo ve el Influence MK de este próximo año 2021? 

Vendfy™ - In a year complicated by the economic crisis and the crisis caused by COVID19, how do you see the Influence MK of this coming year 2021? 

Mr. @OtherJobs2020 - Well, I personally appreciate not being banned as the protagonist of your previous BLOG, that's already enough. Jokes aside. This year we are entering is a year marked by factors that are going to separate the different social classes a little more. Impoverishing the less favored ones according to their work sector and raising on the crest of the wave those who are 100% digitalized and oriented to this New World Order, full of technology, control and innovation. In the case of the MK of influencers, I have observed how many profiles have taken their place. Profiles that during the pandemic have been able to connect with their audience even in the midst of a surprising pandemic that has forced them to remain, in most cases, locked in their homes. Others have shown that their content, outside the posture of taking a picture of themselves in such and such a place or with such and such a product, is not relevant to their followers and have lost audience and engagement. 

And looking ahead to 2021, I suspect that as restrictions open up, the state of the pandemic improves and there are more control measures and studies that reveal how to act safely, the situation of Influencers will allow them to develop their work with normality, new normality. So perhaps we will see less travel and less pornfood and more masks and restrictive measures on creatives and content. Brands have to be careful who they choose because now the audience is much more sensitive to certain performances. Let's keep in mind that there is a population divided in how the virus affects their lives. So a Youtuber or Influencer seen at a gathering of friends with a particular brand of beer in hand will be applauded or booed depending on how they are acting against the imposed norms. So here's a question I ask: Will brands now have more control over Influencer content as they traditionally did with other communication channels? Will they put more rules on collaborations and change the rules of the game because of everything we have experienced in the last year? I think that the brands have taken back a bit of control with what has happened. I think that somehow there was a lack of control by some influencers who, thanks to their huge audiences, had lost respect for the hand that feeds them, the brands. Some of them have now gotten serious and thanks to the digitalization of almost everything, they have discovered tools and knowledge to get more out of this discipline that may be the one to finally beat traditional advertising.

Vendfy™ - Mr Jobs are you saying that iNfluencer MK may be the discipline that unseats traditional and programmatic advertising from its decades-long reign? 

Mr. @OtherJobs0202 - Yes. I think so. While I don't have a crystal ball to certify it, my vision has always been a few decades ahead. I envision the re-make of the "Video Kills the Radio Star" video in 2021 version "Influence Mk Kills the Advertising Star".

Vendfy™ - So, taking that premise you are telling us about and linking to the introduction of the post and JJK Jr's interview with B. Gates, what is your vision of Influence MK 20 years from now, i.e. in 2040?

Mr. @OtherJobs0202 - I'm not familiar with any B-Gates What do you do. Well, jokes aside, again. It's hard to foresee such an evolution cold in the industry as there are many, many factors, sectors, technology, regulation and audiences that haven't even been born. If we are now battling millenials, centenials, former Generation X and current Generation Z, what will we be "battling" in 20 years? ....? Here I could take a crutch and quote Huxley's famous Brave New World, but in that Dystopia and in a semi-perfect world that theoretically seems to be the one that many people like, technological neo-feudalism would not leave much room for brands and influencers. Rather to large corporations that would control most of our actions and thoughts (let's remember that our friend Elon Musk would already be a retiree and his chip would carry the version between 15 and 20). There is another apocalyptic vision of humanity as described in the Matrix that no one wants or desires. So since I don't really like and like that world, I'm going to take just a part of a science fiction movie (Minority Report) starring Tom Cruise that has a few very interesting scenes about the consumption of the future. Tom walks into a GAP store and the personal assistant recognizes him bio-metrically by his eyes and suggests a pair of pants and asks him how satisfied he is with his last purchase. He enters the subway just by looking at the screen and it automatically charges his account balance. I wouldn't know what to call it, but it is neither ecommerce, nor mobile-commerce, nor social-commerce, nor quick-commerce, personally I would call it mind-commerce, brain-commerce or control-commerce. In this future, we are supposed to carry chips that make us superhuman or transhuman, chips that connect to the internet and that both the government and big corporations control. They know when you have seen an item and according to your biological reactions whether you like it or not. So let's recreate a typical Influence MK campaign in 2040. Let's see, I go with my TESLA autonomous auto-drone watching the latest Netflix series where every time I see an item the main character is wearing, my adrenaline levels go through the roof and automatically a voice inside me (Alexa) invites me to put it in the shopping cart and then check it at night like every night. In 2040 one of the habits at the last minute, is not to check emails, that is no longer done, everything is done by our virtual secretary (AI) according to our beliefs, preferences, tastes, economic possibilities and agenda. What happens then is a review late at night, before curfew, of those products in the Amazon basket (the only player left of commerce and logistics). in that review without any device, well the one implanted in our retina to be able to connect our brain with the central system MAGAF (MicroAppleGoogleAmazonFacebbok) and thus send reviews to our colleagues and observe who of them had recommended it to me and what benefit I get thanks to their recommendation. Because in 20240, people work indirectly for the brands they recommend. Because if we can send our group of friends with just a thought, the latest real food place, an experience driving yourself a car with gears and non-electric fuel or recommend the latest Tom Cruise movie. Yes, he is still alive and younger than in 2020, not sure exactly why, it must be because of some invention that is only suitable for the elite. Por ceiro returned with Nicole Kidman. Technologies or secrecy of the rich. 

And all this endless recommendations and evolution of ecommerce was thanks to a platform that at one point got the data that even Zuckerberg didn't have: the tracked sales of Influence MK.

The End.

Nice, isn't it? Especially for us if it comes true. Another day, part two.