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Partnership with SERSEO. E-Commerce can now measure Influencers' sales.

The network of digital marketing agencies, SERSEO has chosen us as the official Influencer Marketing platform to provide its clients with a reliable and proven tool that allows them to know the ROI of their collaborations with Influencers.

SERSEO has expressed its interest from the beginning because it is aware of the conversion power that good Influencer Marketing campaigns can generate. A channel that, according to US studies, has up to x5 times more return than social ads.

It is true that, like most of the new marketing and advertising disciplines, Influencer marketing seemed destined to big brands and big personalities, but nothing could be further from the truth. At Vendfy™ and with data in hand, we know for sure that this is not the case. By budget, big brands are always pioneers in giving visibility to a new discipline, but they are not always the first to introduce it. 

Let's look at the example of Hawkers who have been pioneers in social Ads. Or TwoJeys who have pioneered a movement of Influencers that has brought them a lot of recognition and audience.

So the idea of this partnership is very simple. Vendfy™ fits all sizes of Influencer Marketing, that is, our technology works perfectly in large companies such as MANGO, HM, GUCCI, NIKE or MINI as well as in SMEs or businesses such as Sílvia's hairdressing salon, Fernando's furniture store or Maria's pet store.

Vendfy™ has tailored plans for each of the company's needs. Actions can be measured for less than €1 per collaboration. What is clear is that the platform does not negotiate directly with the influencer, because that is a matter of each brand.

In the case of large companies, they contact the influencer agencies and ask them for a budget for a campaign with the required profile. This is normal. The agency studies the brand's briefing and provides a budget with the proposal, actions and timings. Then it creates the campaign on the Vendfy™ platform and provides a smartlink to the Influencer to be able to track their sales from Vendfy™.

How does it work then for a small retailer? In the same way. Only the numbers and probably the deals change, but the system can be exactly the same. Let's not forget that for an interaction to occur that ends in a sale, we need that sale to be online, i.e. within an ecommerce. Currently, Vendfy™ supports most of the most implemented eCommerce CMS such as Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify. The rest are on the way. 

Well, following the thread of the possible Influencer Marketing campaign for an SME or commerce, we look for profiles that we believe can sell our products or services and we packetize them in an ecommerce to be able to recommend them online. The clearest example would be Sílvia's hair salon.

Silvia's Beauty Salon creates an ecommerce with packs of services closed in price. The typical ones, wash and hairstyle. Wash, cut and hairstyle. Dye and cut. Wash and dye. Natural hair color. Wedding styling. And you can also invent products that suit you, such as: Monthly haircut 12 months bonus. Styling for job interview. Your first day of school. Blind date... imagination is the limit. In addition to the physical products for hair and body that you can also sell in that ecommerce. So no more saying that a hair salon can't have ecommerce.

OK, let's move on. Now you must take into account what margin you can play with to offer a percentage to influencers (who can be customers, influencers, microinfluencers, tnanoinfluencers, workers, followers or fans of our RRSS, etc). From experience, margins will depend on many things but if you invent products that are only in ecommerce for Influencer campaigns, it is easier to take this into account to offer an interesting incentive to whoever gets you sales. If a blind date styling, for example, costs 50€, then perhaps it is interesting that the person who provides it to you can take between 20% and 30% of the sale price. Why? Well, because at the end of the day, she is acting as your digital salesperson. It is the new salesman on commission of the 21st century. And how many of these can you have, as many as you can convince people to do it. You can recruit through people who are already influencers, agencies specialized in microinfluencers, friends, clients, etc. 

You agree on the conditions, the minimum publications, the formats, the time it will last (usually between 7 and 30 days) and, as we mentioned above, the margin you are going to pay for the sale. There are also other options which is to pay a fixed fee and a commission (hybrid model) or only a fixed fee (what was imposed at the beginning) but that will be changing towards the hybrid model and the commission model.

Once you have the list to carry out your first Influencer Marketing campaign, you upload them with their instagram profiles (usually) to the Vendfy™ platform and start the campaign. From that moment your ecommerce receives purchases that come from your Digital Marketing actions among which is your new Influencer Marketing campaign, competing with social ads, SEO and SEM and other measurable actions thanks to technology.

Welcome to the new dimension of Influencer Marketing. Welcome to Vendfy™.