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Monetize even more movies and series with Influencers (English)

Imagine being able to sell your brand's products that appear in series and movies thanks to Influencers.

What are you saying? Can I sell my products through a series? Product Placement? Audit Placement? But hasn't that already been invented? The answer is yes. But really the sales circuit is not what it could be thanks to the latest technologies. Now, with relatively easy and cheap solutions much more business could be generated for series and movies and for all the participants in them thanks to Vendfy™ and the technology that allows to track the sales of influencers (or anyone).

How, I'll explain right now. Imagine you're on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, AppleTV, Disney+ or any other VOD platform. Everyone has their favorite movies and series. Most of them belong to production companies and companies in the world of cinema, which have evolved over time in the distribution of entertainment content to the digital format that is taking the cat out of the water. Streaming. Well I don't know if you will be of Game of Thrones, Friends, Strange Things, The Paper House or American Super Hero, StarWars saga, Star Trek or Nightmare on Elm Street, but what is clear is that almost each of us have our range of special series and movies. 

Now imagine if each one of them enabled an Online Store where you could purchase genuine items or replicas of the series or movies. Crazy isn't it? There have been a few cases of it but it's strange that more profit is not made out of it. Why? I honestly think it may be because it's not really the business of the production companies. But neither was it for George Lucas and look what he has achieved with that part.

It's a matter of commercial vision and, perhaps, incorporating in the team a person who specializes in monetizing any monetizable element of the project.

Nowadays we can take advantage of many elements that we see in a series. Can you imagine being able to buy the original sword of the main character in Game of Thrones? And a replica? And the queen's cape or a dragon's egg? Yes, that can already be done with licenses, exactly! That's what I was getting at.

But... What if I leverage my influence to attract the audience of my series/movie to an online store where I sell those interesting items for the fans and commission for it in addition to the licensing royalty? What if I use the actors and collaborators of the series themselves to be able to make those sales? With Vendfy™, production companies could design their stores with the mythical objects of their series and, apart from the distribution points of the licenses, create a sales ecosystem using the actors, collaborators and even fans of the series just by using the sales tracking technology. Imagine one of the main characters of Stranger Things posting that you can buy his original headband from the series or his Walkman with certificate of authenticity at the show's store or if you don't get to the original an exact replica of the same piece. It would open a new chapter in the choice of items that would allow the production company to finance part of the production with future sales of their merchandising or items used in their recordings (we can even sell the director's chair or clapperboards, etc). And that item can actually be sold by the director himself, a crew member or one of the actors. We would know which actor has more impact on sales regardless of whether it is an object that represents him or simply has more traction for any element of the film.

Can you imagine if back in the day Luke Skywalker (the character) and Mark Hamill (actor) had Instagram and shared an IG Story saying that their original lightsaber and 1000 numbered replicas were available in the Store for the movie? We don't compete with licensees, we simply monetize our own audience by creating a dropshipping store with the licensed products. We earn Royalty on sales and commission (which is used to pay the Influencers who generate the sale). That's all! 

And now with this idea, let the brands worry about attacking the production companies so that their products can appear in any series. Can you imagine the protagonists of the house of paper with necklaces or jewelry from Two Jeys? Or that the glasses worn by the professor, which are now from Persol, he sells them himself in his social networks and earns commission with each one of them?

There is a very clear case where such an action would work wonderfully. I'm talking about the Netflix series Élite, where many of the actors and actresses are Influencers. From Ester Expósito to Manu Ríos they would reach an audience of 15M+ fans of the series in the blink of an eye. Netflix, do you really not want to monetize this audience?

This new way of looking at merchandising and monetization of objects related to series may be the prelude to what Amazon Prime can do with the technology it is developing in the layer of interactivity it gives to its content. And if instead of the characters when I access a scene of the movie, it displays a reservation at the cafe where the action takes place (if I am geolocated nearby) or sells me the mug or motorcycle helmet worn by the protagonist. Welcome to the future of entertainment sales.

It's already possible with Vendfy™.