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Maria Pombo, Popa and a media review. (English)

All about this summer's most influential sandals and espadrilles.

This summer has left us all with an odd taste. The truth is that it has not been a "usual" summer. Anyway, despite all the chaos in which we have been immersed, there are things that do not change. Summer, sea, beach, freshness and, of course, espadrilles.

Espadrilles have gone from being a basic piece to a must in most of the closets of every girl and boy. In this case we will focus on the most "influential" ones.

And as in Vendfy™ we love to analyze everything we can, today it's Popa's turn, a footwear brand with a very Digital Native Brand trajectory, which has signed María Pombo for this summer 2020 season and has renewed for autumn.

A studied social media campaign in which we find up to 15 different models that fit the styles and preferences of the most demanding. Simple for the day and more sophisticated to wear on special occasions.

So without data from either the brand or Maria Pombo, but taking into account the actions we have seen in some media such as InStyle, MarieClaire, Woman, Glamour among others, let's jump into the pool to interpret some of the most important aspects of this collaboration of Influencer Marketing. 

First, we are struck by the different strategies that the different media have to deal with a press release (theoretically free). In Style advertises a model, the same one that appears in a photo of Maria on Instagram and creates a link to the espadrille in question. Good strategy if both the media, Maria and the brand knew how many sales the visualization of that article and subsequent link to the brand's website has generated.

There are methods such as UTMs or trackable links but these are only reliable if the purchase is made right after the first impact. If the customer decides to leave, and then re-enter through Google, or even a direct link a few days later and buys... BANG! An "organic" non-organic sale lost in this labyrinth of attribution.

Neither Maria Pombo, nor the media or the brand will know where the new user really comes from. One of many cases that will not be replicated or exploited. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case now.

What we think is fairer for this fashionista triangle Media-Brand-Influencer and in general for everyone, would be that all sales are tracked to see where they come from... In this way, thanks to the press release of a media we could determine what sales, quality and return has that action. Can you imagine that the media sells more than the Influencer? It could be perfectly possible.

As you think that this answer can not be answered today, the structure of the media has not evolved from the famous articles, reports, press releases, advertisements... An outdated business model for the Influencers of yesteryear. Because yes, the media are the Influencers of before the term even existed. Would InStyle have made more money with a pay-for-performance model? Sure.

On the other side of the picture, there is the role of the Influencer. In most similar cases a fee is agreed plus commissions on sales of the shoes in the collection they sponsor with discount codes or similar actions to try to demonstrate the conversions it has generated. That in the best of cases.

But, another question... What if Maria Pombo generates more sales of the models she does not sponsor than the ones she does? (We insist that we do not know the particular deal and we reiterate that we are speculating).

Well, the Influencer doesn't get it and the brand believes that these models are sold organically. Well, no. Surely Messi sells endless Adidas products that are not Messi brand. But... Does he know how many? Does he charge for it? Well, the same with Popa.

Until very recently it was not possible to track these kinds of KPIs. We are sure that the technology that makes this possible will bring advertising models up for debate. We believe that having an in-depth knowledge of the results will make collaborations between Influencers and brands go through the roof, more formulas will be created and above all fairer for everyone.

At Vendfy™ we are committed to total transparency between all players in a campaign, thus providing the technology to answer the infinite unanswered questions of this post. We hope that this reflection will serve to reshape the remuneration systems of brands and Influencers.