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Influencer Marketing Theater (English)

In this blog post we are going to talk about how we see a sector that has been hit by the pandemic crisis: the theater.

We have friends and acquaintances in the sector and the truth is that if you don't look at it carefully you don't really appreciate the sacrifice and professionalism that actors and actresses deserve. This is not the cinema or TV, here they are flesh and blood, so they are face to face. And that has the value that every day (and often 2 functions a day) has to travel to the theaters, make gigs and tours and always be in top form and physical and mental health to expose themselves to an audience that has paid a ticket (and are not always cheap) to enjoy the true essence of the magic of live theater.

Well, what's the point of all this? Well. I believe that Influence MK can be used for almost all economic activities of product and service sales, online and even hybrids with offline as we have demonstrated in other blogs, such as Netflix series (click here if you missed it) or sports contracts of celebrities (with the example of UNIQLO with Roger Federer).

So let's visualize the actions that can be taken, from the most obvious to the most innovative. 

In the Costumer Journey of the theater, there is the diffusion of the play in question. This is where a strategy of choosing actors and actresses based on two variables comes in, as they do in the series: their quality and their audience. Now it is no longer enough just to be good, and if you have followers and fans who follow you, you are more interesting for the production companies because of the potential of buying tickets. 

It is true that not all the audience lives two blocks away from the theater but there can be 4 groups of public within that potential audience: those who are in the same city, those who are in the surroundings and those who are not close public that are divided in two, those who may consider coming and those who do not. For those who are not a close audience and are considering coming, there is always the possibility of targeting them with very specific offers (according to zip code, according to nationality...).

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The truth is that I imagine that the actors could have a personalized link on the theater's ticket website without the need for a code (which nobody likes because it is not very attractive) and with it have some privileges when it comes to having the experience. For example, at the box office they identify you and give you a dedicated photo with your name or you can have the experience of meeting the protagonists of the play. Now imagine the virality that can generate both actors and actresses and other members of the company (director, technicians, producers, etc.) and earn extra thanks to the seats recommended by each of them. 

From experience, many of the seats that are sold, especially during the first days, are attributable to the most intimate circle of the company and although they decrease as the play progresses, sales continue to fall. If this is the case, why not take care of this channel and make it more professional? Are not those responsible for direct sales entitled to a commission? Or do we prefer to give away to pure and simple advertising the attributions of everything that happens at the box office (both online and in person).

Let's continue, once the sales channel is activated through a good Influence MK strategy, with the same methodology many more opportunities can be created. It will also depend on whether or not we have an agency, if we can use other influencers that are not only the first circle of the work, if we have budget. 

Personally from Vendfy™ we think that there are products that increase the conversion rate in a spectacular percentage depending on their nature, depending on whether they need the opinion of someone close or reliable. The case of the theater is one of them. There are more, but this is a very clear one. 

Let's think that some of our first swords in the panorama of Influence MK, say Pombo, Manu Ríos, Jessica Goicoechea, Alexandra Pareira, Aida Domenech, Pelayo Díaz are invited to the premiere of a play in Barcelona, for example "Quina Feinada" by Roger Pera, multifaceted actor known for his spectacular voice in dubbing being the Spanish version of the child of "Terminator", Spiderman, Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon, and a host of characters .... in short.

That cast of influencers having a great time and sharing how much fun and laughter they had in the play is pure gold. Now imagine that this recommendation doesn't stop there, but becomes a business for everyone. Influencers go to the play for FREE, meet the actors, sell (with their recommendation) tickets and earn a commission for it. If this works and sells more tickets than through advertising... isn't Influence MK much more effective than traditional advertising?

And now comes the monetization of everything that comes out in the play and the hand booklet acting as a merchandising menu or the play store. Yes, gentlemen, we have to adapt and take advantage of every moment that we have a potential customer in front of us. Imagine that in the hand program we have a kind of showcase with QR that points to a small ecommerce where you can buy objects of the play, merchandising of the play or experiences related to the play as a dinner with the main actor, a photo dedicated to whoever you want, a participation as an extra in the play ... if the friends of focus are around here reading sure they will be taking notes.

Because there are UTMS in many of the recommendations made by the actors, but in many occasions when you leave the session, the traceability is lost, and that intentionality of purchase that does not materialize the first time goes to swell the account of the organic or advertising when it is converted and the utm is no longer present in the purchase. So unfair to the one who has driven traffic and purchase to the theater box office. Maybe the theater comes out on top for this one, but the ticket generators if they don't see results (the influencers, actors or those promoting the play) won't believe in the reliability of the technology. However with new sales-oriented Influence MK platforms like ours, influencers will be able to see real-time conversions from their interactions.

So the curtain rises on Influence MK for the Theater world. doubts? You know what to do.