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In the age of infoxication and censorship, who decides what can and cannot be said? Now it is very clear.

Estos días, después de los momentos festivos y los acontecimientos mundiales que han sucedido, en Vendfy™ nos hemos hecho algunas preguntas importantes que afectan a todo nuestro sector del marketing de influencia de manera directa.

These days, after the festive moments and world events that have transpired, we at Vendfy™ have been asking ourselves some important questions that affect our entire influencer marketing sector in a direct way.

With the pandemic, we have all been glued to screens in one way or another. The older ones to the TVs that seem to have been reborn with the crisis, and no wonder when they confine people to their homes for so long. Increasing audience by leaps and bounds. But let's hope it turns out to be something exceptional. On the other hand, the RRSS (social networks) that have been smoking in every sense of the word. 

We have all been hooked to the RRSS to follow the latest news and developments of what is happening in the world. Networks and many applications related to communication and videoconferencing have taken off like a rocket (not Elon Musk's, but almost). We are talking about Zoom, Whereby, GoogleMeet and many more. 

Most of us are attentive to the pandemic, relevant political decisions (American elections, government decrees, WHO recommendations), new ways of working and, above all, our leisure and consumption. And this is where social media and Influencers have crowned themselves. The networks have ensured that Influencers (especially the good ones) have risen like wildfire in this global Kaos in which we find ourselves. 

We are not going to describe each of the cases and names, but even the Spanish government used the most relevant Influencers of our panorama to call to conscience and to be able to "guide" the behaviors of the youngest. Difficult task but if @dulceida or @mariapombo tell us?

Well, let's get to it. Now, INFLUENCER "X" that you make a living thanks to the fantastic opportunities that have generated the RRSS, comes a day that you make a comment that apparently the ADMINISTRATOR of IG, FB, TW T does not like. And that comment is linked to some creative stuff that you have come up with to promote a product that has hired you for it. And they go and censor you. FUCK, isn't it. Where is the freedom of the person if they "cut" my messages. If these generate some kind of reaction it should be the people that the audience is the one to judge, not a unilateral paternalistic system that does it. Because if a system is socialist, it will never allow right-wing messages and if it is the other way around, the same thing.

What are we here to explain? Careful Influencers with what you say in your posts, because apparently the WITCH HUNT in the RRSS has begun. If they have silenced @donaldTrump and 70,000 other twitter accounts.... What won't they do to us? Poor mortals.

Influencers should look for alternatives and move their audiences to freer and less controlled platforms. In the end, if your content is good and your audience is loyal, they will follow you wherever you ask them to. This is the case of Donald Trump who has been the trigger that other networks like Parler or Gab are becoming known thanks to banning him from the best known ones. The question is: is it legal for an INFLUENCER with millions of followers to lose their audience overnight

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Can you imagine that, I will not give names so that no one can suffer being banned, a / a mega influencer X is "wet" with some comment that may be controversial in a certain part of the population and your account is suspended or deleted without further ado? After this, I think there is an important exercise for lawyers, legislators and influencers in NOT ALLOWING a company to act in a dictatorial way, be it private or public and be it Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. I have not read the fine print, like almost no one else, but I am sure that if criminals, drug traffickers and dissidents can continue to have accounts in those same RRSS the problem is that the standard is not the same for everyone and that worries. 

So as I said, we are not going to be the ones to launch a campaign in favor of NO CENSORSHIP because we are not the ones to do it. What matters to us is that our SECTOR is being harmed in this way without even hearing voices of indignation. I don't know if we are all asleep or scared, but it is important that at least we know what we are dealing with.