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Ibiza: the beautiful island of Influencers

We are back with one of the most active and controversial brands in the Spanish digital native brand scene, we return to review the current influencer marketing campaigns of one of our favorites: Two Jeys


The Barcelona-based brand has set out to conquer the island of Ibiza with its new proposal called lLA ISLA BONITA. Jewels full of color in which there is no lack of SMILE and pearls. A collection that will not leave anyone indifferent. Either you like it or you can't stand it, perhaps a bit like everything that surrounds the most influential jewelry brand on the net. 

This year they have acquired the services of Andrés García-Carro or better known as @thespanishking_, an 89-year-old man from La Coruña whose granddaughter, who worked in a French magazine, turned him into an Influencer when she took some photos of him with a controversial style. 

The man, who apparently lets stylists dress him up any way they please, wears a leopard-print swimsuit and bathrobe in the purest Playboy house style. Andres rubs shoulders with 2J's influencer friends and has a great time reminiscing about his younger days. 

@thespanishking has not yet become a macro-influencer, since with his meager 17K followers, it can not be said that he has a legion of fans, but what brands that hire him as an image or as a sales claim can do is to track the sales that Andres generates in their campaigns. 

In this way, and thanks to the technology we have developed at Vendfy, hybrid remuneration scenarios in the world of influencers start to make sense. What are you branding or conversion? You're familiar with some of this from Insta Ads: reach, traffic, conversion... well now in influencer Mk there are also different profiles of content creators and we can differentiate and label them by their overall results. Branding and Sales. Or both, how we foresee that the founders of the brand we are dealing with in this article should work. 

Returning to the brand, the house they have chosen for this summer's campaign is a villa with a room that overlooks a spectacular pool and is located down a flight of stairs from the living room veranda. With a brightness and spectacular views. It has been decorated with the "merchandising knick-knacks" that they have invented for the ocassion and that you are supposed to be able to pre-order because they make it only for those who buy it.  We don't think they have those items in stock. They make jewelry, the rest are hooks and merchandising items. Like last year's towels that appeared with exorbitant prices on wallapop.

The repetition strategy of the brand is complemented by sporadic outings to mount the occasional Pop Up Store inside some trendy commercial premises on the island. 

A brand that is involved every summer in a campaign of such dimensions must have behind it a super design and marketing team that analyzes in detail any data provided by the actions of the influencers that surround the brand. Their own and those they invite to the house.

Nowadays and with our new free account, Vendfy launches a challenge to @TwoJeys, its two founders @joanmargariit or @bieljuste to get into "cockfighting" mode. Who will sell more Isla Bonita chains? With the results provided by Vendfy, the MK team will be able to know how effective is the real engagement of each of them and will be able to know the orders that come directly from one of their stories. Vendfy's smartlink provides sales tracking over a 30+ day window and not just from insta. Even in your most personal networks of friends (hopefully telegram ;) ) from any social channel or digital media they will be able to share your link to give them a wink and see which of them gets the conversion prize. 

The data collected is only held by the brand, and if it wants, by the 2 founding influencers. Vendfy has an influencer dashboard where they can see the reaction in sales of their different interactions, so only they can know which posts generate more attraction and which less. And this can tell them that if they post on Weekend and see that they have more sales, keep posting non-stop so that sales continue to go through the roof. 

As an example of the data that would be seen on the platform, we share some simulations of both following the official market data contained in their respective accounts. And as a gift we have also put Andres, to see how many potential sales they could generate between them with a post to their audience.


And you, which influencer do you think sells more?
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