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Hawkers Dogma Ibiza. The Fyre Festival of the coolest glasses on the internet.

Comments on the most talked about Influencer Marketing Party Brand campaign.

There is no debate, Influencers rock. Digital Native brands know it. And since they are the ones who first trusted in the engagement potential, they accelerate and exploit it.

Clear examples are the "meetups" that have invented the forerunners in the digital landscape as Hawkers with the DOGMA campaign. A strategy that brings together a bunch of Influencers in a dream location, with spectacular activities for most of the public that follows them.

Casoplones, big cars, tablets, asses, drinks, sushi... clothes and glasses, in this case a lot of glasses. We can imagine the expense bill that someone from Hawkers, in the case of Dogma, paid for all this. It is also true that they get many collaborations and in the end it seems all a TRUEQUE PARTY, even so, if we add Ads, agency, Influencers expenses, rents, purchases, etc, etc... the coherent thing to know if the campaign has been profitable is to contrast it with the sales.

The agency that ran the campaign in the case of Dogma I, announced that in less than 7 days, they achieved more than:

  • 123M impressions
    3.5M interactions
    1250 stories with the hashtag #hawkersdogma
    110 posts with HT
    3M views of the video

    A SUCCESS in capital letters. A great idea. A CAMPAIGN and a strategy that has created a school.

    Among the RRSS cracks were Aaron Piper, Jay Alvarez, Marta Díaz, Romina Malaspina or Taylor Caniff, among others.

    But... what sales can we attribute to each of them? How many have the TOP influencers generated? And the non TOP ones? How many have the brand generated? Can we measure it?

    This is where it all starts to get fuzzy as it used to be in the mass media world: "We can't measure it". Discount codes are not cool and Influencers don't use them as much. If they are invited to a PARTY with all expenses paid, is it advertising? It depends. If they then make content, as does Jay Alvarez, and charge for it, it's totally justified. But they still don't know the ROI.

    Without measuring sales, everything is justified with the keyword "this is branding", and that's how brands are sold, even with other cool terms like "engagement". But the important results are the REAL SALES. The most important data of all. The only KPI that makes us make decisions like: that Influencer cost us 6,000 € and did not sell anything or that other one who came invited and was only there for one day sold 1,000 pairs of glasses. That's what the data is there for, to have a better understanding of our market. To know which Influencers work best and how much. How much is branding and how much is sales.
    But... What would have happened if they had monitored everything? In the next DOGMA, will they still not measure it?

    With Vendfy™ you finally make decisions without a blindfold. Why, have you ever wondered if the CEO of Hawkers can put gas in his Lamborghini (if he has one) by paying with the Earned Media Value (EMV) that appears in the results reports of his Influencer Marketing?

    What will the CMO of Hawkers think when he is proposed campaigns with Influencers knowing that now he can make a mistake only once with the choice of the Influencer profile?
    Now any campaign manager will not only be able to measure exactly the ROIS (Return on Influencer Spend), but also kick out the Influencers who have contributed little or nothing to the campaign, tie up those who have met or exceeded objectives (yes, now we can mark them because we can measure them because we can measure them because we can measure them, now we can mark them because we can measure them), also know how many sales they have generated through other channels (the same brand, media, Ads, other brands, other Influencers who were not at the party, etc) and draw a strategy for the future with the so powerful and attractive Influencer Marketing... the last to arrive in the advertising world but the one that has more numbers to establish itself as one of the big ones.

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    Ciao Vendfyer!