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Fakefluencers, Falsefluencers... Do they work? Yes, no, it depends.

Marketers know that they should invest in Influencer Marketing but they don't know how much or how.

Well, don't tell me they don't. Whether you have started now or you have been in this Influencer Marketing business for years, I'm sure that whatever your profile is (except Influencer of course) you have heard somewhere or even you have thought or said. "What a character rage, I don't want to know anything about Influencers".

Well, don't tell me they don't. Whether you have started now or you have been in this Influencer Marketing business for years, I'm sure that whatever your profile is (except Influencer of course) you have heard somewhere or even you have thought or said. "What a character rage, I don't want to know anything about Influencers". 

But maybe that was just the beginning, the first time. When someone passed you the contact of an agent who was your best friend as a manager... but it's been a long time since then, let's not be rancorous.

Like all new sectors and professions, you don't come out with a manual under your arm, it's true that it could be considered a hybrid between celebrities and advertising or models and the press, but the truth is that they have created their own channel. And they have their own style and rules.

One who is already a bit of an "onion" in this advertising business has had to adapt and understand this sector. Initially I didn't think they could beat the traditional media, but, my God, they have! They have beaten them! 

In fact, many media outlets used bloggers to continue to have a decent audience. What's more, many of them created blogs to hand them over to bloggers to keep their slice of the pie. A good strategy in the case of magazines and newspapers that saw how their columnists, in some cases, surpassed them by far. Coixets, Ristos, Buenafuentes, Iturriagas…

And from there we jump to Youtubers, the next, for us, in the list of Influencers... lifestylers, e-gamers, makeup artists, stylists, chefs or cooks and endless content narrated in first person by real strangers that after a few months or years have risen like the foam to position themselves as the real references for an audience that passes three peoples of the TV and that only consumes content from the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile. Kids who follow other kids to see how they play, open Lego packages or game in Minecraft. What if they are influencers? 

I don't know but some of them have more cumulative audience for their videos than entire TV programs or networks. And with all the audiovisual content that moves nowadays, where the maximum is the video, the king of content, we still have no idea where we are going to get. Have we reached the ceiling? Not a chance.

And for us, the next on the list are the Instagrammers. So we focus on these. At the beginning that the network was just a photo album, well, it seemed like it wouldn't be that big of a deal. But as the company, under the baton of Facebook, has been adding features, it has been rising and rising as one of the most powerful social networks and with greater penetration in the mobile of the entire population ... almost at the same level that Facebook did in its beginnings. 

By the way, we skipped it because nobody wants to be an Influencer on Facebook, or almost nobody. In fact, Instagram is THE FAVORITE NETWORK FOR INFLUENCERS, even though many of them are dabbling in other networks such as YouTube or TikTok. Instagram has become the queen of social networks. Billions of dollars are moved in the world in campaigns with Influencers, so we can stop thinking about a fad. They are here to stay and break down some of the most traditional advertising walls. Brands may catch the headline of the blog, but as soon as they can, they will start doing campaigns with them. I don't know of any major brand that hasn't tried a new sales channel with this great penetration potential.

TikTok we will touch it another day, we still have to reflect on some aspects. But it looks to be one of the most powerful... let's wait and see.

DNVBs, or digital native brands, such asHawkers,Meller,ActiCoco... use them together with Social Ads in many occasions as the only sales strategy.

So around this ecosystem have begun to build a number of companies that provide services to each other to get more out of this new channel. Agencies, data analysis companies, associations to create standards, tools, etc... etc.

And the question is, when I placed an ad in a local free magazine to promote my restaurant or my car company or my law firm, was I looking for branding or sales?

There is a lot of talk about branding in influencer marketing. But let's not kid ourselves, just like TV, anything that can't be measured we lump into the branding bag. But now technology has allowed us to measure and track the sales that occur in the digital world. Everything that has to do with e-Commerce and influencer marketing has been born to go hand in hand. They are like husband and wife. E-Commerce and Influencers. One pulls their audience towards the other to generate what we always want in any business: to sell.

And if you've come this far, we don't want to deceive you, Vendfy™, we also sell, but we sell from a thoughtful perspective that we had more than a year ago wanting to solve what no one had solved and that was to make this new sector a professionalized sector with new standards and profiles within companies. And what do we call them? Influencer Manager? Influencer Trafficker? Influencer Media Buyer? Influencer Performance Analyst? No idea. The market will set its own conditions and names.

What is clear is that thanks to technology, we will now be able to run Influencer campaigns in our e-Commerce as we do with Facebook Ads. We will have the data that no one else provided: sales, and not only the brand will know it, but the transparency of the developed technology also allows the Influencer to see in real time the interactions and sales generated by their actions on social media in a specific panel.

Dear brands, you no longer have to go blind in your campaigns. Finally you can, through data, create campaigns with a lot of value and greater return.

Dear Influencers, you can finally know the real impact of each of your actions, optimize your content and message and adapt your fee according to your needs (fixed, fixed + variable...). Now it's time to play.

So... 3, 2 1, welcome to a new stage in Influencer Marketing. More professional, more profitable and much more exciting.

See you inside.