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Open new countries using Influencer Marketing

¿Te ha preguntado alguna vez si existe una forma rápida e inteligente de que un comercio electrónico pruebe un nuevo país / mercado? 🌎

Usar Influencer Marketing can be a cost effective strategy to drive quality traffic & sales to your site if combined with other advertising channels such as Facebook Ads.

  1. Look for the right Influencers and set up a campaign with a big enough #audience to gain some traction and build trust.
  2. Before launching the campaign, assemble your retargeting ads strategy in Facebook & Instagram Ads. Use different levels with standalone messages in every step of the customer journey (view content, add to cart, purchase).
  3. Get everything started.
  4. After a week of impressing your new customers, use the same Influencers to promote again your products using a new approach. Generate scarcity, use discount codes to increase conversion rate and monitor everything on Vendfy™.

Make sure your site is fully adapted to this new market needs, payment methods and languages. Don’t forget to have an attractive logistics strategy as well as an excellent customer service.

If everything works, It’s time to create new prospecting strategies in FB & IG Ads in order to drive more customers to your funnel.

If It doesn’t, well at least you haven’t lost a bunchload of money.