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Can you sell cars online with Influencers? (English)

Technology gives us the ability to do almost anything. Especially in terms of communication and sales. It is true that there are some goods that a priori have a higher barrier to buy online, but perhaps that barrier was not as solid as we thought.

Let's take the example of cars. We know that the vast majority of people finance them to buy them and an individualized study of each person and situation was needed to see if the operation was viable. Therefore, the sale did not depend on the car dealer but on the finance company that operated with them.

After all, the finance company was also the dealer's supplier. But with all this digital and social leap we have made in the last 2 years (especially this 2020) technology and habits have evolved.  

In fact, in a market like the car market, the purchase decision was often online, although we depended on that last step that was the face-to-face at the dealership and the OK from the finance company. 

But today, we can change that final part of the Customer Journey and create a sales circuit by taking advantage of e-Commerce, social networks and the technology that allows us to both track the source data of sales and split and make an online study of the credit of each one (Aplázame, Cetelem, etc).

And how do we visualize this new way of selling? Imagine. A car brand gives an Influencer (here we will see the different types later on) a vehicle for a certain period of time to promote it and transmit its experience to its audience. This influencer is referred to an e-Commerce that reserves the car upon payment of an initial fee that includes the credit study, a test drive for a weekend and a gift in the form of a discount, merchandising or experience). Imagine that SEAT or LUPA, the new brand of Spanish electric cars that have a very interesting model for performance, price and system of renewal and recycling, creates us that InfluStore (e-Commerce) of some of its models where it sells that first installment that in reality if the purchase is not exercised, the dealer stays as a rental price of the car for the weekend, but if it stays, it serves to commission the Influencer. 

The availability would be linked to a calendar to choose which weekend (or midweek) you want to enjoy the car test drive. From there, if the credit has been OK, and everything is in place. The buyer makes the selection of the car with all its features at the dealership or on the web, depending on each brand. The buyer waits as long as necessary and the car is delivered to the buyer's home. In the purest delivery style.

And that's it, we already sell cars through social networks with influencers. This model may be just the beginning, as it is clear that those who have enough credit on a credit card will be able to do it with a single payment and choosing a lot of possibilities. Imagine that I give a car to my daughter who studies in Holland because I have seen it to an influencer? and, in addition, it is delivered to the door of her house and they leave a box with the keys and the place where they have parked it? It's true that it sounds like an American college movie, but the world is becoming more and more like the behaviors we see on the screens so I don't think it will be long before we see how cars, motorcycles, bicycles or other things that we can't imagine now, will be at the door of the house waiting to be consumed. 

Now everyone should think about their influencers and the possibility that little by little they will introduce us to higher cost products. Then the finance companies or banks will come into play with financing, personal loans, renting or leasing. 

Will an Influencer sell me a renting or leasing? It's not that far away. Pick anyone who has powerful photography, video and post-production equipment and easily raises thousands of dollars. Now imagine he shows you all that KIT and offers it to you in 3 versions in an e-Commerce with a 2 or 3 year financing. Wouldn't he have sales? I think so.

Welcome to the future of social selling. They are possible only when technology allows all participants in the sales chain to know where sales come from and what corresponds to each one. Until now it was not possible with Influencers, but now it is possible.

And who are the actors in this movie in the case of car sales (any vehicle) with Influencers. Influencers Agency (who agglutinates the influencers and ensures the professionalism of the whole campaign) 3. Influencer (the one who has the audience) 4. The ecommerce where to buy (can be of the brand, created for the campaign or a market place) 5. The technology to assign sales to each of the influencers for the purchase of the first installment (or test) of the vehicle.

That's all. When do we start?