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Calculate estimated sales of influencers

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How many times have you wondered about what you can get when you are presented with profiles for a collaboration campaign with your brand? Have you ever wondered that if the data presented to you is not contrasted and reliable, the results will be much lower than the expectations generated?

If you have worked with agencies, maybe you could have had it a little better, but still, profiles when they sell themselves show, as in most of their posts, their best face. It's their business. Look at how many followers. Look at how many interactions. "Your Influencer marketing with my profile is going to go very well, you will see how you will have more followers and how you will sell more", say most Influencers.

A thousand conversations and sales arguments poorly supported by post-campaign data. In Influencer marketing there are very powerful tools for the selection of profiles, with KPIs to optimize your choice. But where there is a huge gap is in the post-campaign. The technology of discount codes and UTMs is not technology, they are resources designed to do other things that have taken hold in the most techies and have made them appear in the most sophisticated campaign reports.

With these, more visits and the famous and dubious Earned Media Value (EMV), brands have been satisfied so far. Why? Easy, there was nothing else.

At Vendfy, we are obsessed with providing brands with the most relevant data for decision making around Influence Marketing. Sales, visits, abandoned carts, at what time each of these interactions occur to make the attribution with the actions of influencers.

So we have a pleasant surprise for all our customers, users and followers. The ESTIMATED SALES CALCULATOR of Influencer marketing. On our resources page we have designed a template for agencies and brands that will bring you closer to estimated sales data. However, we can never guarantee that this data will be accurate. It is an algorithm created with the information that determines the market and sectors where the campaigns are carried out. 

With the profile data and the sector data, we can make a sales estimate. We can also calculate ROIS (Return on Influencer Spend) based on sales data and various variables.

With this template, brands and agencies can get an idea of the potential of the campaign at a glance. It is very useful and the first people who have used it are very satisfied to be able to compare the estimated results with the real results, as long as you have Vendfy's technology installed in your e-Commerce. This way the deviation is 100% traceable. Otherwise the data as always will be estimates. 

I'm going to give you some crazy examples using the calculator and with data from real profiles, but with invented names ;).

DULCINEA DELTOBOSOSO* collaborates with her own store DELTOBOSOSOSHOP with a Conversion Rate of 2% (i.e. 2 out of every 100 visitors buy) and with an average cart price of 50€. In this case it is important that it is your store because the publications are much more frequent and with more delivery, so your engagement is usually a little higher than your average. We have also painted 3 collaboration scenarios with different remuneration strategies. Fee (initial fixed payment), Hybrid (fixed + performance) and all to Performance (sales commission). Well, we continue. The table would be as follows:

As you can see, brands have a different ROIS depending on the type of partnership they negotiate. In the case of the statistics that move around the USA, for every dollar invested, 5 are invoiced, so, in this example, the only way to reach that figure is to go to commission, or lower the influencer's fee.

With our technology we can determine if a collaboration is viable or not. But the most important thing is that when you have the list provided by the estimated sales calculator of your Influence MK and you are ready to launch the campaign, do not forget to register on the Vendfy platform to be able to compare what the market estimates with reality. 

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Download the calculator here.