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AVON is knocking to your instagram's door

Learn how to get ROI from Influencer Marketing with a Live Shopping that updates the way AVON Cosmetics is distributed. 

Probably many of you may not even know who AVON is, but if you ask people over 50 years old and especially between 60 and 70, they will surely tell you: "AVON, knock on your door". 

AVON in Spain was a revolution when it came to distributors. Many times it has been branded as a multilevel company, but the truth is that AVON managed to provide a power of economic independence to women who became distributors of their cosmetic products. The influencers of the time. 

The NY-based company distributed its products through personal selling, that is, it sold a batch of products to a person who bought it in exchange for making live sales in her home (or wherever she considered), gathering acquaintances, family and friends. Sounds familiar... it's a bit like Live Shopping but without the remote component. 100% face-to-face. 

There, the hostess would show an "unboxing" and a "review" of each of the products she had available. Very advanced, isn't it? There she could get customers for her products or distributors under her charge, selling them complete lots to make their own sales. 

The women would fill out an order form. This would be sent to the person who was in charge of placing the orders in the warehouse and then everything would arrive at the distributor's house, who would deliver it to the customers' homes. Very modern, isn't it?

AVON knocks on your door is a campaign that was in force in Spain in the 70sand was a feminist revolution in itself, empowering economically and socially those who had a commercial vein and a power of influence that until then had not explored.

And what does AVON have to do with Vendfy, ROI in Influencer Marketing or live Shopping in ecommerce? Well, the truth is that it has a lot to do with AVON. It is an ideal precedent that inspires us to observe that there are always people ahead of their time who propose new ways of selling and use techniques that had not been used massively until then. 

A bit like Influencer MK. Initially, brands have considered that what this new discipline of digital marketing brings is branding. And that's what everyone in the industry sold us, because it was difficult to demonstrate sales. 

Taking the example of AVON, we could say that a distributor (influencer or sell, for us) in the 70's knew perfectly well their conversions, their reach and their visits. How did they do it? They would get out their address book, talk to their friends and family and neighbors and put together a guest list for the AVON product demonstration... sound familiar?

So if I put together a list of 100 people, then I would select based on parameters that each one of them thought were appropriate, not normally exceeding 10-15 people because it was not something that was controllable. 

Nowadays, what technology gives us is that these meetings, being virtual and remote, the audience can be exponential... At the end of the day, each of these clients is in front of her device, attentive to see if what they are offered might interest them or not, and the most daring ones comment and take the plunge. 

Because for more than a century we have relied on personal selling and yet in influencer marketing it is said that what these actions generate is branding. We all know that this is not entirely correct. There are many influencers that when they launch a campaign they get the "SOLD OUT" in a few hours. They are not the majority but there are many cases. So we can measure the success of the campaign if there is transparency and technology that can measure those sales.

With Vendfy, any e-Commerce for free can measure conversions and ROI generated by any influencer, be it a macro, micro, medium or even the Marketing Director. Because the platform is able to track sales and campaign reach to provide the person in charge of Influencer Marketing campaigns with the data they need to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work. 

Some of the clients using the tool have already found that their campaigns give them a x6 ROI and some agencies even talk about x11. 

The point is that really any E-commerce today can become an AVON knocks on your door of... Instagram thanks to technology, social networks, live shopping and the analytics and conversion platform of influencer marketing Vendfy that tracks and provides the most relevant results to know the true ROI of your actions with influencers. 

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