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A Christmas with Influencers.

A few hours before the strangest Christmas Eve of the last decades... we would like to review the most outstanding Influence Marketing strategies of the Christmas campaign.

A Christmas campaign subjected to a myriad of exceptional situations for brands, influencers and consumers. A year never to be forgotten. The influencer marketing industry has had to learn the hard way how to deal with the pandemic and the circumstances surrounding it.

What has happened to the actions of Influencers? Well, in general, brands have decided to keep betting on launching messages through them. And it seems very reasonable to us due to the advertising saturation that has been happening in other channels for these dates. 

From Christmas night onwards, another campaign will start, aimed more at the end of the year and Epiphany campaigns. Thus, the Christmas season, which starts on Black Friday, practically ends in the January sales. In between we have Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year's Eve and in some countries Epiphany. It is not surprising that this is the high season for Influence MK, with most of them being overloaded with work. This year, in addition to the saturation of social channels in paid format, there is also the bubble of uncertainty that the pandemic and the general situation of the country envelops our society.

In any case, we want to close our eyes and think about what all this would be like if we forgot about the COVID19 era. We understand that in this stretch from the beginning of November to the end of January, the interventions of the Influencers could work as follows.

Late October and early November is the month to negotiate with agencies, agents or Influencers directly. Look, check, review profiles, pre-campaign data, expectations and objectives of each brand with respect to the rally of campaigns that will take place from the last week of November until the end of the sales. At that moment and with the data provided by the agencies, the brands design their line up for the different campaigns ahead. In the first position and establishing itself as almost the star of the whole year is BLACK FRIDAY. A 100% sales-oriented campaign, Influencers should be able to demonstrate their true ROIS (Return on Influencer Spend) to brands and thus get succulent contracts due to their proven conversion. How do brands, agencies and Influencers do it now? Pick and shovel (utms and discount codes). A bit primitive and manual for analytics teams but can often give you an idea of indicative results. 

The big question is: when will brands and agencies realize that with today's technology and solutions they can decide how much of the campaign has gone to conversion and how much to branding? Practically to the penny. Some of the international agencies we collaborate with have pointed to Vendfy™ as the holy grail of Influence MK and are preparing their clients so that by 2021 campaigns can be measured based on the performance they actually generate.

Already more oriented to Christmas gifts there are content formats in which influencers make their Christmas proposals, but in general there is like a kind of shared stylebook where many brands join and carry out similar strategies.

  • Christmas recipes: brands related to food or gastronomy (from supermarkets, food brands, healthy living e-Commerce or take away restaurants) approach influencers' audiences presenting their proposal to surprise at the table this Christmas or to give a dinner somewhere (although being the situation as it is, I think some bets by restaurants have been a bit risky).
  • Unboxing and product testing: Another of the most attractive ways to reach consumers is through their RRSS idols and see how they unpack and use the different products they promote. For example Sony's new PlayStation 5, the new iPhone 12, a particular game or a pair of boots or a dress. Here really everything fits from an electric toothbrush or tooth whitener to a kitchen robot through watches, electric scooters or sneakers.
  • Shopping-haul: well it's a fusion of two things that influencers do and as they collaborate with different brands, they usually end up being separate in their feed at different times. We like to think that there could be a hybrid in which the brands invite the influencers to go shopping (multitasking therefore), for example in a mall and then the Haul is carried out with everything that the influencer has "bought" (here they should not treat us as innocent and put an #ad in the post or storie and a tag on the product given away). 
  • Travel: a controversial topic this year. The truth is that in this section is a year to forget and reflect. Honestly there will be a before and after in this chapter of tourism. Especially related to the whole issue of vaccination passports for certain tourist destinations. Even the most common ones. So we will pass over this section a bit and focus on it another time.
  • Do it yourself: at this point we imagine several aspects in which Christmas allows us to show the DIY side of our influencer's profile. How he decorates the table, how he decorates the tree, how he dresses for Christmas dinner, what menu he will personally prepare to receive his friends, what handmade Secret Santa gift he makes.

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After Christmas gifts, the next chapter is the end of the year. We are not going to say what anyone should or should not do, but this year it is complicated to show a festive character for this end of the year. In this case we will draw a veil and we will see how the coherence and the know-how of each one is manifested. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we don't see any off-color scenes. As happened at the beginning of the pandemic, perhaps the authorities will "sign up" some of the most important influencers to raise public awareness of the risk involved in mass rallies. We will see.

And already in 2021 and after Reyes and the final gifts, children returning to school, the madness of the sales will begin. This year they will be rare, rare. In retail with hydrogels, virtual queues, prior appointments and masks everywhere, in online more relaxed from the sofa at home. Another reason to think that Influence Mk is one of the channels of the future due to the global digitalization of shopping that has occurred in a dizzying way in less than 10 months.

Well, to end the Christmas chapter, we would like to give you our wish for 2021. We wish that the Influence marketing sector has a year full of novelties, opportunities and improvements in all senses. From here we want to help the sector as much as possible to improve and position itself as a vital sales channel for brands. We know that influencers sell better than ads because their engagement is authentic. 

Very soon we will have more surprises, until then... HOHOHO...