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This Black Friday is going to be the most special in the history of your e-Commerce

Prepare your Black Friday for free with Vendfy™. Goodbye branding campaigns, hello performance.

When we talk about Black Friday, we immediately think of discounts, bargains and opportunities. However, such thought is for those on the other side of the cash register, in the stores’ case.

From an e-Commerce standpoint the picture is somewhat different. The campaign starts much earlier, with a range of tasks that can overwhelm even the most zen of mortals.

Stocks, logistics, review of prices and discounts, preparation of Ads and influencers campaign ...BANG! Another year without being sure who to choose because you can not reliably control the metrics generated by each of them? No, not at last. This year will be the last year you go blindly into your influencer marketing.

This 2020 has brought many things, some good, others not so good. One of the good ones is the birth of the possibility to finally track the sales of the influencers you negotiate for your campaign. And that allows you to make data-driven decisions for the following campaigns.

Until November 30th you can try Vendfy™ and know which influencers are the most profitable for your business. With such a long trial period, the idea is that all e-commerce that have the CMS compatible with Vendfy can train themselves and thus refine the selection of Influencers for free. Yes, FREE. A Black Friday finally without blindfolds, without having to pray to God, not to make a mistake in the choice of Influencers.

Now online stores, starting with Shopify and Woocomerce, will benefit from knowing in real time how their collaborations are working. Whether they are paid or not. In addition, the app allows you to search for Influencers by sector, engagement or profile within a free worldwide database of over 1.4M profiles. Eventually Vendfy™ will allow to search for profiles by ROIS, Conversion Rate…

So all e-Commerce with compatible CMS can now prepare their dashboard training to get to the most important campaign of the year with the great news of being able to draw conclusions at the end of the year. Finally, you will be able to attribute sales to the relevant channels without dying in the attempt.

The time and advantages offered free to Early Adopters will serve to adjust and review all aspects of your Influencer Marketing to improve your ratios in the next campaigns almost immediately, gaining positions with your competition. Data is power and in this case sales provide the most desirable KPI for online store acquisition managers.

For those with digital businesses that are not exactly stores, we are also developing the necessary enhancements to enable them to take advantage of Vendfy™ technology. Imagine monitoring lead acquisition, App Installs or the sales impact of an article in a digital magazine. Brutal.

So if you haven't signed up to try the most revolutionary solution in the industry, what are you waiting for? If Vendfy™ is not yet available for your CMS, get on the waiting list. Our development department is chipping code like crazy to have them all this 2020.

Therefore, we believe we are not wrong if we say that Black Friday starts today for your business, at least we have done ours: 100% discount until November 30th.

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